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Tonky Frans, Kiri Thode, Caesar Finies, Ruben Bang Petrisie, Taty Frans, Bjorn & Jurgen Saragossa, Charlten Soliano, Youp Schmit, Amado Vrieswijk, Rover Dulaart, Ezri Haymans

Sorobon, Lac Bay, Town, Nature Park

1. Question: What do you think about the concept of the DVD?

Youp: I think its a good idea to show new talents who will make the sport in the future bigger. But also the professionals can show what they really can do!
Caesar: I like the concept of the DVD... of caurse i'm on it! :-P I rally think that more people get interested in this DVD than normal!
Ruben: A really good idea, exactly now everybody wants to see something new and different and that for a good price!!

2. Question: How did you get into the sport windsurfing and what are your biggest achievements?
Everthing began 8 years ago, when I moved with my family to Bonaire. I discovered the sport and the perfect conditions in Sorobon. I escaped quickly that i really like the sports and tried to be on the water as often as i can. After some sessions I learned to jump and tried the first Freestylemoves. I was on the water every day after school and also at the weekends to train the newest tricks. When i got better, i took part at some local competitions. I had a lot of fun and got experience in the competitons. At the moment I'm training a lot in the new freestylemoves. Last year I went to Italy (Sardegna) for my first international Event "the European Starboard Pro Kids" and came back with the title as European Pro Kids Champion. It was great!
Caesar: I came into the sport, while I was sitting on the beach and watching the first windsurfers on our island. Elvis Martinus gave me a board for the first time "Thanks". My biggest achievments are to see happy people who surfs around with a big smile caurse of my help. To show people how to surf and the fun of the sport is my biggest achievment.
Ruben: I got addicted after a boy asked me, if I want to learn windsurfing. Everything started after a long day in the school. I was on my BMX on the way home when a boy named Tonky asked me the question of my life. I said yes, because I was interested in Extremsports anyways. Since that day I'm addicted till now! Biggest achievments: 7th European Tour overall and of course the possibility to travel around 6 month in a year to do that what i love the most!n

3. Question: What would you do to make the sport windsurfing more popular?

I would try to bring more articles in magazines, but not only windsurfmags - ohters like newspaper and so on. It would also be good to have reportings of the competitions in the radio and TV.
Caesar: I would travel more to make new courses and lessons, where also more kids and parents gets more involved in the sport. Especally parents, because the kids are looking at them. But dont forget that mostly the young generation will spent the most time on the water!.
Ruben: I think i would invest more in mediacoverage, to motivate all the Non-Windsurfers out there. Oh, an i think i would try to push the prices down, that all parents of the world can buy their kids a rigg as birthdaypresent!

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