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Cast and Crew:

Riders:  Jonas Ceballos, Antxon Otaegui, Russel Groves, Alessio Stillrich, 
            Tonky Frans, Kiri Thode, Caesar Finies, Ruben Bang Petrisie, 
            Taty Frans, Bjorn & Jurgen Saragossa, Charlten Soliano, Youp 
            Schmit, Amado Vrieswijk, Rover Dulaart, Ezri Haymans,  
            Klaas Voget, Leon Jamaer, Tilo Eber, Manuel Vogel, Anne-Kathrin
            Stevens, Fabian Weber, Michael Rossmeier, Rene Widmann,  
            Andy Lachauer, Manuel Klövekorn, Alex Graw, Dominik Schönthal

Others: Kauli Seadi, Andy Bubble Chambers, Brian Talma

Crew:    Sofa Movielab Ltd.




Start of Recording: 
End of 2007

End of 2009

19,90 EUR
50 Min + 35 Min Bonus
German, French, Spanish





What is Windsurfing? A question answered by the actors.
They simply explained and talk about the differences between the countries and the passion of the sport, which will be displayed by some dialogues, high class action and nature footage. The video guides through Germany, Bonaire and the Canaries. Jonas Ceballos (main actor) finishes the film with a very emotional interview about a serious head injury and his return to the Windsurf sport.


There are so many extreme sport movies on the market, which frequently follow the same model... hardcore action, little lifestyle, curious editing and unfortunately to often inappropriate music.
Most of the times it occurs that, the same places often are being shown in the spot selections. Who does not already know about Hawaii (home to surfing) or Whistler (home to the snow stuff).

Our idea is to do something new. Something that does not conforms to the typical model of rider parts. We want to show the sport, BUT also backgrounds and feelings.
New spots, new faces, new views...

The high end prices on the market for such kind of DVDs are a big problem in today’s economy. Many people out there get scared to buy the films and it probably misleads them to copy the movies.
We purposely choose the sport Windsurfing, because we believe that this sport needs support, publicity and fresh ideas.

We are following a lot of new ways, which you are going to see soon on our DVD. We sure do hope, you have an open mind for it!



24.11.2009 23:30:00

Enjoy this video! And dont forget to save your own copy... >> NEWS


24.11.2009 02:30:00

New Clip coming soon!
Something new and funny will come! Ah, and by the way... >> NEWS


08.11.2009 20:00:00

Interview with Jonas Ceballos
You want to know more about our main actor of the DVD? Here is a very nice interview with him... >> NEWS

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