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[03.10.2010] 1 YEAR DVD "FMTS" -    15 EUR    SPECIAL FOR ALL!!
ALL orders from today till 03.11.2010 will get the DVD for 15,00EUR !
Just click here into the SHOP and save your copy !! 
You are a dealer and want to sell the DVD in your shop? Please contact us at for more information! Thanks

[12.12.2009] Report at
New report about our DVD on We really like the way the guys wrote about us. So just click here to read the full article (german) here. Thanks to the guys on


[24.11.2009] New clip OUT NOW!



[24.11.2009] New clip coming soon!
Something new and funny will come! Ah, and by the way - get your DVD here: SHOP

[08.11.2009] Interview by Jonas Ceballos
You want to know more about our main actor of the DVD?
Here is a very nice interview with him! Go read it and dont forget to go for your own copy of the movie!! Just click here for the SHOP
>> Click here for the INTERVIEW

[06.11.2009] Funsporting DVD News and Interview with Fabian Weber
Here is another review of the DVD with a nice interview of Fabian Weber about the shootings and more other stuff! Here you can find it: >>funsporting

[05.11.2009] new DVD News and Reviews
Many news out on the web the last days! Check it!

[02.11.2009] DVD Review Daily Dose
Few days ago the onlinemagazin Daily Dose made a nice DVD review!
Check it!

[05.10.2009] Shop online
Now you can place your order in our brand new online shop.
Go for it! Just click >>HERE (new tap will open) or at the button above "get it". 

We are really looking forward to your order!

[03.10.2009] Worldpremiere during the worldcup on Sylt
WOW, that was a fantastic evening with all the motivated people and friends in the Cinema "Kinowelt" Westerland, Sylt! We had a lot of fun and also a great signingsession after the screening!
Thanks to all the people who joined us!
Thanks also to Mathias from the cinema and all the riders of the movie! You all did an awesome job!

And now some pics of the last days up in Sylt - enjoy!

[29.09.2009] DVDs arrived
Today our DVD arrived and therefore the long waiting period is over now! After our worldpremiere at the cinema Westerland we start with the shipments.

[24.09.2009] 'Windersurfer International' report
The second issue of the brand new online magazin placed a great article about our movie. Furthermore you can watch the trailer and a little part of our outtakes. So, don't lose time - go read it!
Special Thanks to Brian!

Here is the link to the issue: >> click


[18.09.2009] Worldpremiere soon
Finally we can announce the date for our Worldpremiere.
You are all welcome!

Date: 03.10.2009 (during the Worldcup Sylt)
Open Doors: 09:00 pm

Movie Screening:
09:30 pm
afterwards signingsession with the stars


Kinowelt Westerland (Cinema), Sylt
Ticket: 7EUR

Save your own ticket now - just write us a short mail to
For any questions please get in contact with us!

[28.07.2009] Trailer goes worldwide
Now we are going to place our trailer round the world. First uploads on Stehsegel Revue, Windsurfing Journal, U-ride, You Tube, Facebook and  Other online magazines are following! If you want to help us.... tell all your friends how to find it!! You can also download the trailer now for your i-Pod, PC, MAC...

[12.07.2009] Jonas PWA Pozo
WOW, first congrats to Jonas for this third position at the single elemination in Pozo! But also to Alessio, who stand his first doppleloop during the contest!!! AWESOME NEWS guys!! Good luck for the next heats!!
(picture by John Carter/PWA)
[08.07.2009] Ammersee
We did the last Lifestyleshoot at our local lake. In the night and with a little fire... Really nice footage!
[07.07.2009] TRAILER online
Yes, finally we uploaded our Trailer for the DVD! You can watch it here, if you click on the "Trailer" Button on Top! We hope you like it!! Have fun watching it!! And don't forget to pre order your DVD now! Thanks
[29.06.2009] Last Trip to the Canaries

Our last trip trough the Canaries was a bit hectic, we had three islands on the programm. Fuerteventura – Gran Canaria – Lanzarote. Unfortunatly we havent had the best conditions this time, but enough for the last shootings. We also got a lot footage for the Bonusparts „Fabi in Fuerte“ (with Fabian Weber) and „Pozo Action“ (et al. with Eleazar Alonso) as well. In Lanzarote we met the newcomer-girl Xenia Kessler for a short Interview and also Russell Groves who showed us some Serenity and SUP Action. But the newest news is for sure, that we lately decided to put Alessio Stillrich into the movie as well. The 14-years-old, german-spanish boy is surfing like the big guys in the worldtour and it’s also his first time to be shown at a DVD. In this way we can welcome him as antoher new face for the young generartion, so we are very proud of it! Besides this, we had two Secret Shootings on our trip, but we dont want to disclose it before the DVD comes out… you will understand… be surprised!
[22.06.2009] Coverage at

Just take a look at to see the report about the upcoming DVD!!
Thank you Ingo!
[14.06.2009] Baltic Sea

WOW, what a luck!!! We had epic conditions the last days in the North! At our first day we had perfect waveconditions, but a lot of rain. We did Leons Interview while it was raining... funny, wet and different - but it shows how the days are in Germany!! ;) 
On the second day we had also awesome waves, a lot of wind AND all of our riders, except of Klaas (he's in Pozo at the moment) on the water! The day after we got some really sick stuff of Tilo Eber freestyleing on really, really, really flat conditions in Großenbrode!!! Now we are back home with 5! tapes full of action, lifestyle, interviews and stuff!
I think we can finish our Germanypart now!

Thanks to you guys: Leon Jamaer, Tilo Eber, Manuel Vogel, Anne-Kathrin Stevens, Henrik Jamaer

[06.06.2009] Back from Gran Canaria

After one week with a lot of fun, wind and trips trough the island we're finally back home. First thing we did... of course... checking the tapes and the action! Nice stuff!! We're really happy about it!
Good action from the underwatercamera and the other ones! We also made a trip trough the mountains together with Jonas and his Quad! You can expect a lot of different things! Just look at the pictures down there! The nature is awesome... we went along all the secret beaches... such nice places - you will see! While we travelled along the westcoast we met our new friend "Boris" - the black bird. He was such a funny bird... really trusting and BIG! crazy...
So, and now we want to say thank you to Jonas Ceballos and all the ohter guys! We're really looking forward to the next shooting at the Canaries soon!

Thanks for beeing updated!

Cheers the Sofa Crew
[01.06.2009] Painting our helmet

After a dangerous crash on the water between Martin (filming) and a local windsurfer, we decided to paint our helmet... here it is! Hope that everybody can see us now ;)
[25.05.2009] Action on Gran Canaria

Much wind and a lot of action on the water here in the south! Jonas Ceballos is ON FIRE and overspend for nice footage! More in the next few days!!!


[20.04.2009] Interview Ruben
After the recordings in the 25/7 Studios we did a short Interview with Ruben, talking about the evening, how he worked the titelsong out and how the text became a awesome lyric!
You can see that togehter with some studiostuff on the Bonuspart of the DVD.
[08.04.2009] Lifestyleshooting Ammersee

Some new Lifestyle shots are done… together with Alex Graw, Rene Widmann and Manuel Klövekorn. There is only one scene missing! We have to do it the next weeks, than we have almost everything done at our german lake!
[07.04.2009] Song recordig in the 25/7  Music Studios together with Ruben Petrisie

Our DVD has a Title song!! "From Monday till Sunday" performed and written by Ruben Petrisie!! Awesome evening in the studios! They recorded the whole song in less than 3 hours! *Crazy*
[23.03.2009] Ammersee

WOW - what a day! We got really good footage!!
And we can say hello to our new rider Dominik Schönthal! Welcome!!!
[10.02.2009] Ammersee
Unforunately there was a good day in the middle of the week... We missed the half day... but went there early enough to catch Rene and Manu ripping on the lake! Thanks!

[20.12.2008] Bonaire

We are back - unfortunately!! With more than 25 Tapes full of Action, Fun and Lifestyle!!
We had few days with really good conditions! Even one day in the waves!
The rest of the time we shooted all the other scenes - but we don't wanna explain to much... you know... otherwise it becomes boring...

We had a really good time over there! And we wanna say thank you to all the guys down in Bonaire! You were unbelivable!!

Bonaire Windsurfing Place
Jibe City
Ruben Petrisie NB-50
Fra Aziz
Caesar Finies NB-13
Kiri Thode NB-61
Tonky Frans NB-7
Taty Frans NB-9
Bjorn Saragossa NB-11
Chal Soliano
all den Kids
Total Car Rent
and the rest of the crew!!

What we did in Bonaire and what this beautiful island has to offer... wait for the DVD! You will see it there!
The Sofa Crew 

[27.11.2008] Bonaire

Only 2 days, till we left Germany for few weeks! We fly over to the caribean island Bonaire - and are really happy about it! Lets see what the island has to offer!! Cross your fingers!


[05.10.2008] Northsea
Few Days ago we had some days in the Netherlands together with Anne Katrin Stevens G-200. We tried to get some shots, but the weather was sooo bad that we cannot use anything of the shit!
But lets see... maybe we can use some Lifestyleshots for the movie...
Big Thank you to Anne!


[01.08.2008] Short news

After a long time without wind, we have no new news!
Or maybe too? Our Hot-Spot :) is planned and booked. We fly over to Bonaire! Unfortunately at the end of the year!
Keep updated!

 [05.06.2008] Lanzarote

Our week in is over. We had not the best conditions, but still a good time with a lot of fun and some good things on the tapes!
Lets see what the next month happens. It was for sure not the last stop at the wonderful islands! Special Thanks to Antxon Otaegui E-169, Jonas Ceballos - E-40 and Russell Groves for the nice week!
So long
Sofa Movielab Crew

[24.05.2008] Lanzarote

In few days we fly over to Lanzarote. There we wanna produce a very big part of the movie!
The weatherforcast is ok, hope it will stay.

[04.05.2008] Balticsea

Our trip to Fehmarn was not really good, we had no wind - so we got no actionshots! But the year is long and we'll have other opportunities to film in the north!
But we got our first Interviews with Klaas and Anne (thanks for your patience :) ) and a really nice Statemaent from Brian Talma!!
A - ction!!
Sofa Movielab Crew

[19.04.2008] Ammersee

And again a really nice day on our lake Ammersee with a lot of action!! Also Rossi AUT-256 and Alex Graw G-636 were present and we got the first shoots of them!
That was not the last day! We had a lot of fun!
Big Thank you to the Crew Fabi - Rossi - Andy - Al - Flori - Vreni ... ... !
GreeZ and so long
Sofa Movielab Crew

[01.-02.03.2008] Balticsea
Weissenhaus went BIG!!
1 day with monsterwind... 1 day with supersun! The first day were hard to film, because the least gust (8-9 Bft) blows the cameras away...
At Sunday we saw the spot nearly perfect! Good winds and a lot of sun.
Klaas Voget G-4 (10 Bft with 4m2 *crazy*) and Manuel Vogel G-196 (broken foot) gave all their best and we got really good footage of them.
THANKS to you guys!
Sofa Movielab Crew

[27.02.2008] North-/Balticsea in one week
Tomorrow we visit our friends in the north. So lets see if we get also good material of them!
Cross the fingers for good wind and waves!!!

[19.01.2008] Ammersee

One Day long - 5-6 Bft - at our lake Ammersee with sun - and that in winter!
Today we got again footage from Andy G-171 and Rene G-420. Also some some rigging scenes are done! Guys you were great! Thank you!
Unfortunately, Rossi AUT-256 had to go to Columbia to film there for this book/DVD "Tricktionary". We'll fetch him in 2 month, when he's back from his trip!
Hope for good days soon!
GreeZ and so long
Sofa Movielab Crew

[06.01.2008] Ammersee

We planned the first shooting with Rossi AUT-256. But the wind was not with us... so we canceled it very early and hope for some more luck the next time!!
GreeZ and so long
Sofa Movielab Crew

[01.12.2007] Ammersee

This weekend we did the first storyshoot! We had so much fun with Fabi and Andy!
Crazy Guys....
We were pretty surprised about a free pizza, we got a from the local pizza restaurant.
Thanks a lot for the great Pizza-Sponsoring.
At Sunday we got not so much wind like forecasted but enough for some good actionshots! 5-6 Bft, with 9 C° and Sun - nice Panorama and good Action!! We can also say hello to our new "actor" Rene Widmann G-420! Merci to Fabi, Andy, Rene and all the other helping hands! 

[25.11.2007] Ammersee

First filmtakes for the DVD are done - since this weekend! Fabi Weber G-999 and Andy Lachauer G-171 were out on our local lake "Ammersee".
The temperature (ow... we should stop talking about... below 2 C°... felt like -5 C°) was pretty bad. But the wind was really good with 4-5 Bft.
A lot of good shots are done! Hope next week we get our next storm and the next takes!!
Cross your fingers for us!
So long
Sofa Movielab Crew

[25.11.2007]  STARTSCHUSS!!
Unsere erste, eigene DVD Produktion!
- kein weiteres Windsurfmovie - einfach mal was NEUES!!



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