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News Film Gallery Trailer Soundtrack get it
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WOW... you can expect  a lot!!
...awesome songs of fantastic bands!!!

Here we have the list of the artists:
- FM Belfast
- Scissors for Lefty
- White Apple Tree
- Ima Robot
- Daveman
- Alice in Videoland
- Ruben Petrisie
- Unkle Bob
- Botany Bay
- Lifetime Ticket
- pornophonique
- Sad Monkeys

BUT we have also a title song for the DVD!!!
The song is named - who would have thought it - "From Monday till Sunday" performed by Ruben BnG Petrisie, the worldclass windsurfer and rapper from Bonaire!

Ruben just sent us the lyrics, that we can show it to you right before the DVD is coming!!
What we did with the text in the studios... WOW... be surprised (you will love it for sure!!!)

Lyric "From Monday till Sunday":

seven days in a week its a monday till Sunday issue

kind of like the shoot we try to show you

so when you see us stunnin its from monday till sunday

So thats a week OK, here we go


hey you now

welcome to the show


you could call it what you want a world premiere or so

cause it might have never been done before

this is the official from monday till sunday

a track a movie

another interesting documentary for your collection

done by sofa movielab

and connections who traveled over there and record over here

to make sure you could understand us clear at the same time share

 with you

what we feel what you see now is  what we do

and what we do is what we love

 see some get hurt but, still make it thru

spots  so cold but they do cover up from head to toes …and still ride it out

that’s from monday till sunday its about


we keep it stunnin’

from monday till sunday

poppin them tricks

from monday till sunday

if the winds won’t blow we be chillin’ easey

while some say the wind’s gonna blow one day

we keep it stunnin’

from monday till sunday

poppin’ them tricks

from monday till sunday

if the winds wont blow we be chillin’ easey

but over here the wind blows in

the air every day



damn it happens

that the wind wont blow but we wait

for the next days cause there will be more Oh yeah its monday and

 no signs of wind hey no problems chill and wait

for tuesday

tuesday same thing and so is wednesday

back to back bad days cant wait

for thursday

thursday arrived with a big disappointment

head to the beach and missed

 two appointments

a lot of happenings and yea that’s on friday not much of wind

but loads of cocktails with happy hours until the after hours

 …unhappy a heavy head on saturday morning

same old story as the whole week , booring been chillin out

for days.  yes so patiently and now  

a happy sunny   windy sunday

forgetting that I have been waiting

from monday till sunday


repeat Hook...


a worldwide connection

same sport different beaches with different winds

different people but all connected

 to the vibes

it’s that feeling and we show you why

over here we hot under the sun

 popin down and up non stop

tricks ya see and we do feel good

look around you and try to spot a windsurfer without a smile.

they cant just hide it

so they let it out and  smile hang loose signs up the air yeah

up north down south ..from west to the east say

you can see them  on them windy days and they do

enjoy till the break of day

but a no wind day is like a week in a month and that’s no joke

you don’t know about man
its from monday till sunday in and out


Statement Ruben:
"jow jow the sound track is done, started off in bonaire during the shoot with a few lines and ended up with 56 bars including the hook. this one right here is actually my first project for a dvd soundtrack and I did n joyed every second of it ..The recordings took place in Munich, Germany where I met with Roonbeat, karsai and cris from 25/7 musik."



24.11.2009 23:30:00

Enjoy this video! And dont forget to save your own copy... >> NEWS


24.11.2009 02:30:00

New Clip coming soon!
Something new and funny will come! Ah, and by the way... >> NEWS


08.11.2009 20:00:00

Interview with Jonas Ceballos
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