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Klaas Voget, Manuel Vogel, Leon Jamaer, Tilo Eber, Anne-Kathrin Stevens, Fabian Weber, Michael Rossmeier, Rene Widmann, Andy Lachauer, Manuel Klövekorn, Alex Graw, Dominik Schönthal

Ammersee, Weissenhaus, Großenbrode, Wijk aan Zee, Sylt

1. Question: What do you think about the idea/concept of the DVD?

I like the idea of something new. New spots and new faces - brilliant. Riderparts are not necessary. It is great to have a good story and a lot of lifestyle in the movie. Cheap to buy... very cool. I'm looking forward to the release of the DVD.... and based on the footage i've seen already i can tell you - it becomes a great thing!
Rene: It's something new what sounds great to me. Something, that no one has ever done before. I'm reall looking forward for this movie!
Fabi: I really looking forward to the dvd, can´t wait to see the full movie. Think is gonna be good, some new, fresh riders, cool story and loads of views from a different angle. Definitely good for the sport.
Manu: A low is always good - than we have at least more money for traveling. New Faces are interesting and i will have a lot of fun to see new spots and people in this movie!
Andy: Of course its a good idea to produce a new DVD, which is going to be cheap! I mean, people who buy the DVD spent their money for surftrips and can not invest 40EUR for a DVD. Lets rock!
Alex: The concept is top secret so even I as a rider don´t know to much about it! I´m looking forward to get the idea in the finnished movie ))
The concept of the DVD sounds nice, something different to most Videos out there. 
Dominik: In my opinion its a great idea. It gives good locals the chance to show their skills and get more known all over the world.
Leon: I like the idea behind the DVD, perfect thinking and i'm looking forward to the release!

2. Question: How did you get into the sport windsurfing and what are your biggest achievements?
Alright... my whole family are windsurfers. My uncle even has a surfshop in Insbruck (Tirolsail). I learned windsurfing in the age of 13. At this time, I could only spent two vacation weeks in the summer together with my parents on the water. When i was 18 and I got my driving license I was as often as possible at the lakes to go windsurfing there. The following years I begun to learn more and more and I started to work in my uncle's surfshop. Bit by bit sponsors became attentive and I started to compete as well. My biggest goal in my windsurfing history is the book Tricktionary. I'am very proud how Sandra and me did everything alone. I hope our Tricktionary-DVD gets as well as the Tricktionary book.
Rene: For me I could establish that I got so many personal advances through windsurfen.
And I think that's more worth than any good position in a contest.
Once I travelled with two friends to a lake in Italy and did a instuction. Since the first meters I'm addicted.
Fabi: Many years ago my family took me for holiday to lake garda. At the same time there was happening the King of the Lake. I was so stoked seeing this guys doing all kind of tricks on the water and from that moment I started to go 4 it. Well, my biggest success in Windsurfing so far are maybe 2 Titels in the German Windsurfcup as well as great coverage in the magazines.
Manu: My mother taught me to windsurf. Biggest achievement is to be still addicted to ride and 11. DWC Dranske
Andy: Zu meinem 4ten Geburtstag habe ich von meinem Vater ein Board und ein Segel bekommen. Seitdem wollte ich jeden Tag auf dem Wasser spielen!
Alex: I´ve wished to go windsurfing since i was a little child as i saw many of my relatives doing it. Tryed to build my own board and sail even when I was just 5 years of age. And at the age of 16 with the help of Soul Session I managed to shape my first real board. Building boards is my biggest achievement in this sport.
Klaas: I started with the age of thirteen on a lake close to my hometown. My parents had an old board and my brothers an I got hooked once we’ve tried it. My biggest achievement was the third place at the 2008 Sylt Worldcup. Standing on the podium after many years on tour in front of such a crowd is amazing.
Dominik: Actually my father brought me into this wonderful sport. In the beginning it was just a summer holiday sport for me, but when I reached a higher level and started to train the first freestyle tricks, i became addicted to this wonderful sports. My achievements are to learn always new moves and get to know other good surfers from different spots.
Leon: When I was young I spent a lot of time on the sailboat from my parents and get connected with the ocean. Later I started to swim. But after some years I was too tired to count the laps and started together with my brothers in the windsurfing sport. And I'm still doing it!

3. Question:  What would you do to make the sport windsurfing more popular?
To make windsurfing more popular... well we have to try to keep the people that are in the sport... bring the sport to the families and transport the lifestyle... that's why your movie is so great, it hopefully transports the lifestyle, beauty and also the action and adrenalin in our sport...
Rene: I want to bringt it more into the mass media so that erverybody can see what happend to the sport and what for exciting and wonderfull opertunities it offers.
Fabi: Ayy, difficult question, I´m not the first one thinking about that. It would be important to bring the sport back into peoples minds, good coverage in massmedia along with seeing windsurf action in different TV Channels could help. But don´t forget, there are still many people around the globe following our sport. It´s not that bad. With projects like yours we push the sport further and maybe it helps grow it.
Manu: Show the sport more in tv, involve young people in the sport, organize camps.
Andy: Wir müssen den Sport zurück zu den jungen Leuten bringen!
Alex: Windsurfers are coming to Kochelsee realy early in the morning to catch some wind, in Malcesine you have to stand in a queue to get into the water - I think windsurfing is popular!!!
Klaas: I would try to get more Kids hooked to the sport. For this, we need to get as much TV as possible and a good programme for schools.
Dominik: The windsurfing sport is indeed not so popular in the world, as for example snowboarding. I think there should be more news about windsurfing in sportmagazines or in television.
Leon: First we have to show windsurfing and the fascination more in the media all over the world. Second we have to make it easier for young people to learn windsurfing.



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